That Friday Pizza Ride

A few pictures from our ride from the Downtown shop to Fricano’s in Alamo. We had a beautiful evening, delicious food and about 20 attendees. This casual ride stuff is fun! We’ll do more soon. Many thanks to the nice folks at Fricano’s for having us.

Trailhead on the way out.
Yes. Bug spray.
On the trail
Group photo
photo of group photo photographer
Dinks Specials
The way home
Stocker and office detritus

Ride of Silence 2021

We’ve been sponsoring the local Ride of Silence for a few years now, and I’m happy that we do. The Ride of Silence organization exists for three reasons:

  • To honor cyclists who have been injured or killed.
  • To raise awareness that cyclists are here.
  • To ask that we all share the road.

This is great stuff. The ride itself is traditionally a silent group ride that goes about 8 miles at a slow pace with a police escort. It can be a very moving experience.

The pandemic put the kibosh on the group ride this year, but it allows us perhaps greater opportunity to raise awareness. Instead of lots of people participating in one group ride within a small part of our community’s overall area, let’s flood Kalamazoo County with cyclists on May 12th. This plan is this:

Do your ride. Maybe it’s a commute. Maybe it’s down the block with the kids. Maybe it’s your secret training ride. It’s cool. Do your ride, and do it with intention.

Obey the rules of the road. Please.

If you’re into the socials, stop by the shop and grab a sticker. Our gal Charlotte designed it, and our friends at Sign Center printed ’em up gratis. Nice! You can stick it on your bike, your tool box, your beer fridge, etc. You can take a picture of it before/during/after your ride. #KBWROS


How long has it been going on? I can’t remember. It started years ago at somebody’s house as a way to give Old Man Winter the finger and goof around on bikes. A few years later it was a pot luck fundraiser in a brewery. This year it remains a fund-raiser (for Open Roads) and takes place in a full-service bar. Yep, we’re talking The Hair of the Dog Ride, poetically bookended at Old Dog Tavern.

You don’t have to be hard core. You doesn’t have to freeze your keister off. Heck, you don’t even have to ride if you don’t want. But you can. And then you can be done and warm up in the cozy confines of a lovely public house with like-minded people. It’s fun and a nice way to start the New Year.

Details: Ride starts at 1:00 at Old Dog. We have a 12-ish mile route planned. If it’s cold , we’ll have a way shorter route for folks who have to ride just a little bit. Entry fee is $10. Half of that goes directly to Open Roads. The other half gets you some nice snacks. Beverages are on you.

Click on this to check out the flier.

I hope we’ll see you there. Happy New Year!

2018 Pedal Cyclocross

We’re gonna host two races this year. One is on September 16 at Markin Glen. The other is October 14th at The Pit in Three Rivers.

Here’s how it works: Registration is $20 USD payable in cash or check on race day. Please note that the race schedule is different from years past:

  • Beginner race starts at 11:00 and lasts 30 minutes
  • Expert race starts at noon and lasts an hour
  • Intermediate race starts at 1:00 and lasts 45 minutes

We’ll burn something on the grill for lunch and will have a big time. Bring the family. Race like crazy. Hang out with like-minded people afterward. Enjoy the beautiful Michigan fall. Big fun.