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Ride of Silence 2021

We’ve been sponsoring the local Ride of Silence for a few years now, and I’m happy that we do. The Ride of Silence organization exists for three reasons:

  • To honor cyclists who have been injured or killed.
  • To raise awareness that cyclists are here.
  • To ask that we all share the road.

This is great stuff. The ride itself is traditionally a silent group ride that goes about 8 miles at a slow pace with a police escort. It can be a very moving experience.

The pandemic put the kibosh on the group ride this year, but it allows us perhaps greater opportunity to raise awareness. Instead of lots of people participating in one group ride within a small part of our community’s overall area, let’s flood Kalamazoo County with cyclists on May 12th. This plan is this:

Do your ride. Maybe it’s a commute. Maybe it’s down the block with the kids. Maybe it’s your secret training ride. It’s cool. Do your ride, and do it with intention.

Obey the rules of the road. Please.

If you’re into the socials, stop by the shop and grab a sticker. Our gal Charlotte designed it, and our friends at Sign Center printed ’em up gratis. Nice! You can stick it on your bike, your tool box, your beer fridge, etc. You can take a picture of it before/during/after your ride. #KBWROS