The Thursday Pedal Ride

It’s back for 2019: our weekly ride from the Downtown shop. It starts in April and ends when we run out of either heat or daylight. Each Thursday we’ll chat for a few seconds at 6:15. Then we’ll be on our way. The rides are like this:

The Fast Ride goes for anywhere between 27-35 miles, depending on how frisky everyone is feeling. Average speed (once out of town) is 22+ mph. The Fast Ride does not provide support, so you need flat repair equipment and a general idea of how to get home. The route is here.

The Medium Ride is 22 miles long and is sometimes one ride, sometimes two, depending on the number of people on any given evening. Expect average speed of around 18-20 mph depending on conditions, who shows up, etc. Medium rides will have a lead, a sweep and occasional regrouping points. Fun. The route can vary, but generally it’s either this or this.

The No Drop ride goes around 15 mph once out of the city. It’s 22 miles long and focuses on group riding skills. As the name implies, you won’t be dropped. The route is similar if not identical to the Medium Ride. This and this are popular routes.

A few last notes:

  • We try really hard to start on time. Please give us a hand by completing any business you have in the shop by six, so our staff has time to get ready. Thanks!
  • This year we’re focusing on putting the Group in Group Ride. What’s that mean? Close the gap. Don’t pull too hard at the front. Don’t overlap wheels. Call out the hazards. Be safe. Have fun.