KB + TMHT = Love

The Maple Hill Trail is something a bit different for the Kalamazoo area. Custer is fun and twisty. Yankee is tough and wild. TMHT (you heard it here first) is jumpy, bermed, machine-built and an unbelievable combination of accessible and challenging.

Kona is a brand we identify with strongly. Their stuff is really good, and sometimes really different. Look at the Unit, the Jakes, the Sutra. Then look at the Processes, the Honzos, the Jakes (again) and the Hei Hei lineup. It’s a compelling combination of quirky, wonderful, special bikes.

Not all of Kona’s bikes work super great in the middle of the country. Kona’s bikes don’t traditionally win the weight wars; they’re heavier, burlier… just *more* than we need around these parts. As such we carry a pretty small sub-set of their entire collection, but the bikes we carry are just killer.

It made a bit of sense that we’d host a demo for a quirky brand at a brand new trail that’s different from what we’re used to. And it was great! Kona brought great bikes: Hei Heis, carbon Honzos, Process 111s and 134s and Hei Hei Trails. TMHT brought jumps, exhilarating descents, table tops and a ton of fun.

We had a lot of fun. Rode some cool bikes. Shot the shit. Lived large.

Good day.

Thanks to Maple Hill Auto Group, Kalamazoo County Parks, SWMMBA and everybody who’s donated time, money and energy to the trail. I know it’s taken longer than expected, and several hurdles had to be cleared, but oh my goodness! This thing is a ripper and a real asset to the community. Thank you again.

Miles from Kona worked tirelessly and with good humor the entire day.
In the PNW (Pacific North West), they like to hang the bikes by the fork. Because that’s how they do it there.
Who doesn’t love a picture of laughing guy with coffee?
Looking for the next chance to send it