Dreamy Days

This morning I had opportunity to take a ride before work. Having nothing structured on the agenda, I grabbed my fat bike and decided to ride around town.

Immediately outside the garage door I thought, “This is what we dream about during the winter.” It was seventy degrees, pretty humid and overcast. There was no chill in the air.

I rode through Western’s campus, up to and across West Main. I found myself in front of Hillside Middle School and thought, “I’m on a fat bike. Why not tour the grounds?” And I did and BOY is that a nice hunk of yard. Visions of cyclocross racing danced through my head. My little trip ultimately dumped me onto North Street, which I took across downtown to the KRVT.

Riding south there are all kinds of sights. A couple making out overlooking the river. A shopping cart full of treasures, covered with a blanket against the elements. Too much trash strewn all over the place. It’s both beautiful and gross.

Under the East Michigan bridge are lots of sleepers. I try to keep from coasting and bothering them with my loud free hub. Onward through Mayor’s Riverfront Park toward Comstock. I’ve driven to Fort Custer on King Highway about a bazillion times, but I think this morning is the first time I’ve traveled past Angels and not noticed at least one car in the parking lot. What does it mean?

Things are happening at the filling station at the corner of King Highway and River, where I exit the trail and start heading home. It’s a terrific ride. So many times I think — incorrect, I know — that I don’t see the forest for the trees. I look down and see drops of sweat on the top tube.

I look forward to remembering this ride in January.