I recall reading the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club’s newsletter in November and learning that Pedal had been nominated as a Friend of Bicycling for the year. “Wow,” said the word bubble above my head. “It’s super nice that someone likes us enough to make a nomination.” A few weeks later I was informed that Pedal won the award. I consider this a high honor and have three things to say about it:

First, an unexpected and fun thing about my job is the degree to which Pedal and I have been integrated into the fabric of this community. My vocation is running a bike shop. My avocation is supporting cycling in Kalamazoo County to the extent that I can from the shops.

Secondly, people make Pedal. I am so very happy to employ many smart, friendly, motivated people. The best I can do is chart a course. I depend on my coworkers to make it happen. I see this award as confirmation of their hard work and dedication. The other critical people in what we do are customers, without whom we would not exist.

Thirdly, I believe we’re all together in this world during our lifetimes, and I am very, VERY happy to be sharing my time with the people of Kalamazoo and this cycling community.

Thank you, KBC. This is very wonderful.