Bummer, Dude.

This morning I took my new bike out for its maiden voyage to the Maple Hill Trail. It’s a beautiful clear day. Temperature is just above freezing. I’d heard that the trail is in perfect shape.

And off I went, excited to see what this bike is all about and to rekindle my relationship with the Maple Hill Trail.

Then I picked up a stick about 100 yards from the top. I heard a bad noise, hit the rear brake hard and heard the distressing sound of air escaping the tire. Sure enough, the stick wedged itself in there pretty good and ripped a spoke out by the nipple. Ugh. For the first time in my (meager) mountain biking career, I’d have to walk a bike out of the woods.

I remembered an article that I’d skimmed recently about how to hike a bike, so I tried what I believe the instructions might have been. The front wheel then swung around and the handlebar hit me in the mouth. Funny.

So far the Honzo seems great, but I think more riding is definitely in order.