Your Pedal Bicyclical – Wintry Mix

If ever there was a meteorological term that strikes crud into the heart of a cyclist, it has to be “wintry mix,” the perfect storm of wet skin and slick roads. Yuck.
Wintry mix aside, welcome to 2015!
Beer Week! Let’s kick off Kalamazoo Beer Week at Boatyard Brewing with a fundraiser for Open Roads. Check out the syntactical density of that sentence! Let’s break it down: From 4-7 on Saturday January 10th, we’ll have beer, fun and (!!!!!) fat bike drag races at Boatyard Brewing. Come on down with your friends and toss a couple of shekels into the kitty for Open Roads. Fun!
Looks like this fat bike thing is taking off. If you have one and are looking for something to do, check out the Michigan Fat Bike Racing Series. I did the first race and lived. Truthfully, I lived and had fun.
Dirt/Gravel/Unimproved Road Racing:
  • Fun? Yes.
  • Accessible? Yes.
  • Expensive? No.
  • Cold? Sometimes.
  • Fun? Still fun.
We’re lucky to have two really good races nearby, Melting Mann and Barry Roubaix. Both are open for registration and are worth a look. Hey! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have w/r/t these races. Information is power!
Short and sweet, that’ll be this month’s Bicyclical, and perhaps it’ll be 2015’s winter. Believe it or not, this January marks Pedal’s fourth anniversary. How time flies! Oh! how much we’ve enjoyed getting to know you and, hopefully, helping you with whatever it is that you need from your bike shop. I can’t thank you enough for your support and patronage. Please let me know what we can do better.
Happy New Year!