Your Pedal Bicyclical – Great Expectations


Bad news: My driveway does not shovel itself.
Good news: Longer days.
Does it even out? Hmmmmmm.
My wife, true love and proofreader is of the opinion that this issue of the Bicyclical should come with a minor warning: much information is contained herein.
February is definitely a time of great anticipation. People are signing up for races, making plans, working out, getting ready. Some folks are very upfront with their goals while some of us hide them like state secrets. It’s all just fantastic.
Please please please don’t get caught up in the first-warm-day-of-spring-and-my-bike-needs-a-tuneup frenzy. Please! Go ahead and bring that sucker in right now! We’ll get you ready to go for spring with no dreadful waiting around.
The Big News
Pedal will purchase Breakaway Bicycles on Romence Road in early March. This is a very big, thrilling development for Pedal.  It is my goal and good fortune to continue the traditions of excellent workmanship and service that Paul and Co. have earned over the years.
Related to this announcement, people approximately my age with experience in Corporate America might wonder if I’ll use the term synergy. I cannot deny the temptation.
Over the past few years our shop ride has grown more than I could have imagined. What fun! We’ve recently come to the conclusion that we could use a few good ride leaders — folks who can show up every week, reinforce our emphasis on politeness and safety and, frankly, keep the group in group cycling. If this sounds like something that might appeal to you, please let me know. Yes: Pedal will compensate you for your work.
Pedal needs people! If you or someone you know would be a great bike mechanic, salesperson or back office clerk for Pedal this spring/summer/beyond, we’d like to talk. Our employment application can be found here. The three things we look for most: timeliness, hustle, coachability.
KATS (Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study), the planning group for the urban Kalamazoo area, has asked for public input on their Metro Transportation Plan for the next five and twenty years. Should you wish to provide such input, here’s a handy link. Curious about KATS? Find out more here.
Fun Things
Wow. First of February and we already get to start thinking about fun things to do on bicycles.
This fat bike race series is still underway. It is my considered opinion that this is substantially more fun than time on the trainer.
March 8th is Melting Mann! It’s back and badder than ever. This year the races are slightly longer at 21 and 32 miles, and the start/finish area moved out of the field and into Vandalia. Race details are here, and a nice map of this year’s course is here. But wait! There’s more! Our friends at Kona, in conjunction with our other friends at Central District Cyclery in GR, donated a sweet 2015 Kona Rove AL that’ll be raffled off at MM.
And just twenty short days later is Barry Roubaix. You and 2,999 of your best friends can do this. It’s a fun, challenging event suitable for the hard-core racer and the person just looking to get on the bike and have some fun early in the season. Bang!
Kalamazoo Bike Week is May 9th through the 17th and features such fun things as:
– The Kal-Haven Trail Blazer on the 9th. Wanna ride out to South Haven? Or back? Or both? This is a great opportunity.
– The Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival is the 12th.
– Bike Camp, a marvelous introduction to road biking put on by our friends at the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club, begins with orientation on May 13th and a first ride on the 16th. Maybe you’re road bike curious. Maybe your friend is. It doesn’t matter: this stuff is good.
Bike Week is still in the planning stages, and a full calendar will be available shortly. Many will be the opportunities to ride your bike and have some fun.
May 16th is the Zoo-de-Mackinac. Some folks do this ride every year, and it’s not hard to see why: it’s an absolutely lovely tour from Boyne Highlands to Mackinaw City. Not a race! There are also instances in which not a whole lot of road bike etiquette is on display from many participants. Still, it’s beautiful. Trillium everywhere.
More? Sure. There’s so very much more. Tour de Taylor on June 13th. Lots of triathlon and multisport all summer.
Big Finish
2015 promises to be very interesting for Pedal. We step into this new year with much on our plate and big plans, but you, our customer, remain our highest and foremost priority. I invite you on this journey with us and hope you like what you see. As always, I welcome your feedback.
Away we go!