Your Pedal Bicyclical – National Bike Month


Real quickly, let’s talk about the Trek recall. You are affected if you have a Trek or Gary Fisher with a front disc brake and a quick-release skewer that opens past 180 degrees. If you are unsure if your bike qualifies, please bring it to us and we will happily check it out. We have replacement skewers in stock and are ready to take action. Here’s a bit more information:

May is National Bike Month, and there’s a pile of stuff coming up quickly:

  • Shop rides on Thursdays are happening, despite the spotty weather. 6:15 from our downtown location.
  • Lotsa road rides just about every evening after work. KBC keeps a nice schedule here. Note: KBC rides start at 6:15 from now through the end of August. Don’t be late!
  • The Fort Custer Stampede is this weekend and you can still register online until 11:45 tonight, just in case you’re dragging your feet. Like me.
  • Mountain bike Monday starts next Monday. Wheels start rolling at 5:45 at the Fort Custer trailhead. Do you need to be a Titan of Trail or a Duchess of Dirt to participate in the fun? Heck no! Is inspiration what you need? Here’s part one of five.
  • Yes. OK. I know I’ve been rattling on for the last few months about Bike Week. I’m into it for a couple of reasons. One, I like the idea of raising the awareness of bikes and cyclists in our community. Secondly, heck, there are fun things to do. Art filmLocal celebritiesStuff for kidsBeer. It all starts next weekend.
  • Bike CampBike CampBike Camp. If you’re new to road riding and want a very good primer, might I recommend Bike Camp? Starts real soon.
  • We’re involved with local triathlon. We’ve got Double Time, a couple of kids’events and the Gull Lake Tri. Woah. Grass roots racing. Lots of fun.
  • Tour de Taylor is June 13th.
  • Skinny tire racing is back in town on July 11th with the 10th annual (can you believe it?) Miller Energy BTR Crit. Lots of state championship racing right here in Kalamazoo.
  • And as per usual the next day is road racing in Lawton. If the turns and close racing of a crit aren’t quite your bag, maybe road racing is. This is a great local race that benefits Michigan Make a Wish. If racing isn’t your thing, it’s pretty fun to ride out to Lawton, watch a little racing and head back home.

The Ramble

I love riding a bike for many reasons: exercise, competition, comaraderie, utility. But one thing I enjoy over the longer term is watching the seasons change. Watching the famers plow the fields and the corn grow and the combines coming through in the fall when the long-sleeve jersesys reappear from the backs of closets. It’s hard for me to say what my favorite scene might be, but on the ride through the country last night, all of the plants looked ready to burst into bloom. It was a picture of anticipation; as though everything is waiting for just the right moment to happen. What fun.

Many folks ask, “How’s it going?” I just want to take a hot second and say thanks for the interest and that it’s going great. We have a good amount of work to do in the near and far terms, but we are (I think) pointed in the right direction and moving foward. That said, I’m always interested in your feedback.

And we’re off! Have a fantastic riding season.