Innovative, made in America Speedplay recently introduced several updates and new products.

First up is the near-mythical SYZR, a mountain bike pedal that’s been in the works for a number of years. You can read all about it here, but the main takeaways are the famous Speedplay float and the fact that the pedal interface doesn’t get sloppy as the shoe wears. Nice stuff. Bonus: spooky looking cleat, like something out of Star Trek.

IMG_3706 IMG_3707

The Zero Pave looks a whole lot like a regular Zero with all the plastic knocked out. The minimalist Pave is not a mountain bike pedal, but it does shed dirt better than the lollypop pedals. And some people totally dig the looks.


While I’ve liked Speedplay pedals for a long time, I’ve never liked the fact that it’s a sketchy deal to walk/run in the metallic cleat, and that the cleat is easily jammed with dirt, necessitating that the well-prepared rider carry around some ilk of cleat cover. The new cleat does a lot to mitigate both of my issues.

Check it out: a new cleat with a replaceable, grippy, aero cover. Nice! And available for both Zero and Light Action pedals.


But wait! There’s more! What about a nifty little cover for the delicate parts. And what if the left and right cover joined together to make it less likely that you’ll drop one by the side of the road? It would be heaven, indeed.






And the whole package looks like this when they’re installed



Way to go Speedplay! Nice new stuff and some extremely well-considered upgrades to existing products.