Westward the Course of Empire Makes Its Way

I belong to a small group of bike shop owners that meets twice a year, and each meeting is held at a member’s bike shop. Just last week we met in Fort Collins, CO. “Colorado?” thought I. “I’ll bet there’s some pretty good mountain biking in, you know, the mountains.” As I prefer not to

I looked for a guide on the best mountain bike comparisons for a bike rental, and quickly found these guys. Once a loose plan was in place, I invited some friends, one of whom accepted.

The biking was fantastic. Our guide was top shelf. The terrain was incredible. We rode stuff that’s very different from what we have around here, and I rode on trails that I was not sure I could ride. If we made one mistake, it was riding before the meeting instead of after. We were definitely affected by the altitude, and a couple days of acclimation surely wouldn’t have hurt.

And here are some pics. Jamie is tall and I’m the guy in the red shirt. Nick the Guide took most of the pics on his phone while we rode.

img_0001 img_0002 img_0008
img_0034 img_0044 img_0048img_0027