We spend a not-insignificant amount of time thinking about what we’re doing, how we do it, why we do it and who we serve — the kind of thinking that could induce an existential crisis in those lacking a strong constitution.

We know.

We know you could purchase your bike stuff from the shop down the way. We know you could purchase your bike stuff from Jeff Bezos (or similar). We know you have a LOT of choice. And we think about why you might choose us.

See the photograph related to this post? That’s our jam. Pictured are around half of the folks who attended our Turkey Burner ride on Black Friday. That’s a bunch of folks going out for a ride on a 37F degree day. In NO WAY am I suggesting that you have to ride 34 miles on a pretty chilly day to be part of what we’re doing. What I am suggesting (and what Pedal is all about) is that we’re about more than slinging bikes and bike-related products out the door. We’re about helping you use those machines and goods and whatever in the pursuit of a better you. A more healthy you. A more fit you. A you that receives the benefits of meditative time on a bike.

We can’t promise happiness. We can’t sell you a better life. Pedal sells things that offer the potential for a better life. Pedal also offers — often free of charge — opportunity to use that thing we sold you in pursuit of that happier you. Come ride with us.