Gobble Gobble Bicyclical

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone’s favorite turkey-flavored holiday is so close to the end of the month that I thought I’d publish the Best Bike Shop Newsletter on Romence Road a few days early.

Pedal will be closed on Black Friday, and we invite you to ride with us at 11:00am from Texas Drive Park. We’ll have routes of 34 and 22 miles. The forecast calls for brisk — not frigid — temperatures, so it should be a fun and festive ride. You can grab details and the routes here.

We’re back in action on Saturday. I’m not exactly sure how to couch this, so I’ll just wade in and hope for the best. Pedal has always been a value-oriented business. I want Pedal to provide the same service every day, and I think our pricing should be equally consistent. In the greater world of retail, mine is minority thinking. In the world of omni-channel retail (which is, for instance, Specialized selling stuff through Pedal and also on their website), my thinking is *very* much in the minority, and I am not always in charge. This is a long introduction to this fact: several of Pedal’s vendors will offer you a big discount over the next few days. In some cases, Pedal will offer you the same deal. In others, we will offer you a similar but not identical deal. I’m not trying to be overly vague about this stuff, but there are lots of rules about what you can say and when you can say it, and I like to play by the rules.

Is that enough business talk? I hope so.

Who loves a holiday party? Pedal does. Please join us at the Downtown shop on Friday December 13th from 5:30 – 9:00 for food, drink and holiday cheer. We’ll have a great time and hope to see you there. 

Please! Please consider getting your bike serviced now instead of waiting for the first warm weekend in Spring. We have mechanics who are ready to go and a very nice service special this winter. Now is great! You can put your bike on the rack without spraying snow all over it. The service special is on through the end of January.

TwoThree Four things about bike riding:

  • We have a few more spinning spots available at the Downtown shop. We’ll spin Monday and Thursday evenings at 6:00pm starting Monday, December 2nd. You’ll need a bike, a trainer and $175. Price includes a winter service special on the bike of your choice. Call the Downtown shop at 269-567-3325 to sign up.
  • Rather ride at home? We have four (count ’em!) rides happening on Zwift through the week. Check it out here
  • Frosted Fat Tire is happening again this year. Grab some buddies, form a team, give it a good name and get signed up. It happens on January 12th.This
  • I think, is worth a few minutes of your life. I’ve become a huge fan of Lael Wilcox over the past few months.

Ohmigosh. I think that’ll do it. Pedal is thankful, and we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.