Happy to Be Here


Our Scott rep called a few weeks ago and said, “I’d like to bring my boss to your shop on May first. Any chance we could get in an evening ride?” Ummmm… heck yes.

Brad and Chris showed up just a tad later than planned, so we missed the start of the bike club‘s Wednesday night ride. Still, we went to the Kal-Haven trailhead and set out on our own, which was super nice as we were able to ride and chat for a while. As we pedaled down 2nd Street, just north of D Ave., Chris said, “This is fantastic. It’s beautiful. I am so happy to be here.”

I’ve been thinking about his comment a lot. During the long winter, it’s easy to forget Michigan in the spring. We live in a special place, and there’s hardly a better way to take it in than on a bicycle. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort than I’d like to get out of the shop, out of the house, out of the car and ride my bike just for the sake of riding my bike, but by golly there are days, there are rides, there are experiences that are almost too delicious to talk about. Don’t miss out.

Also: don’t listen to those Scott sandbaggers. They’re strong as heck and will put the whoopin on you in your own backyard, but nice enough to pull your shattered carcass back to the parking lot.