Busy, busy, busy

A buddy recently said, “I was reading your blog. I wonder if you’re going to be able to keep up the enthusiasm.” Enthusiasm is high; time to write has been a bit low. Time is still at a premium, but I’d write a few words about things I’ll explore in greater detail later.


We’ve been messing around with tubeless mountain bike tires a LOT in the last year. For the most part, the tires have been Schwalbe and the rims have been Stan’s (or No Tubes or whatever that company calls itself now. Regardless, they make Good Stuff.). I’ll be experimenting with the new made in the USA Velocity Blunt SL rims on my bike soon. In short, tubeless-ready tires make the entire process *much* easier and good rims sure don’t hurt.

Rim Size

I (ahem) liberated a couple of bikes from the shop so that some friends and I could do a  wheel-size shootout — 26 v. 29 v. 650b. I’ve been trying to distill the data from this experience down for a while now and will hopefully publish something comprehensive before too long. In short, there’s a lot more to a mountain bike than wheel size.


We received (as in five days ago) three CycleOps Joule computers. I’ve been waiting for these non-GPS, ANT+ gems for a while now. A more complete review will be along shortly, but I’m very pleased with my experience after two rides. A worthy competitor to the Edge 500? We’ll see.