Your December Bicyclical


December? Holy smokes!

That concise email of last month will stand in stark contrast to the information density contained herein. I invite you to pour another glass of eggnog, grab a seat by the fire and read along.

Ride All Year (code name: RAY) is something a friend and I have been working on for a few months. It’s a subscription of four Pedal t-shirts, one for each season, with the first (winter-themed) shipping in late January. Price: $110 if you pick ‘em up at the store and $130 for us to ship ‘em anywhere in the US of A. Yes! We *will* give you a nifty certificate that you can give your sweet someone for Christmas — or any other holiday you like between now and January 1, 2017, at which point we need to corral the orders and get stuff printed. When possible we’re going to use USA-made shirts and are printing them locally with a company that has always done great stuff for us. Note that this is the ONLY way you can get your hands on these particular designs. Yeah: members only. We have also partnered with luggageforward for our bike shipping service, learn more at

Make some room on that party calendar! Holiday Party this year at Pedal South (185 Romence Road, Portage, MI 49007) on December 16, starting at 5:00. Have a beer. Have a slice. Unlimited high fives available. We’d love to see you. <3 2 C U. Yeah.

This is sort of important, so let’s do it again. Please won’t you join us for a little socialization at Pedal South on Friday, December 16th, starting at 5:00? We’re always looking for a chance to get together with our friends and customers and hope we’re not too late to get on your dance card. We’ll supply drinks and pizza. You supply your charming self.

Pedal’s Winter Service Special is happening right now. Please oh please won’t you let us work on your bike now, when you need it less? We’d like you, dear customer, to avoid the inevitable summer blues of a backed-up service department. Now through the end of January you can get an incredibly thorough service on your bike for the super-dirt-cheap price of $90. Come on down! Qualified mechanics are standing by. Sweet Wife proofread this email and asked, “How much am I saving if I take advantage of this servcie, Tim?” You will realize nine ten-dollar bills of savings should you take us up on the Winter Service Special.

Speaking of service, perhaps you’d like to learn how to do your bike’s service on your own. Matt J. and Ryan are hosting two sessions (of four classes each) of Tune Up University in January. It’s good stuff. Space is limited. You can learn more here.

We’re doing Saturday mornings in Portage a little bit differently this year. Starting January 7th we’ll have either yoga or pilates at 10:00 at the Romence Road shop. Cost is $12 for a single visit, or $40 for a 4-visit punch card. We’re super lucky to have competent instruction by Erin from Down Dog Yoga Center and Amy from The Pilates Studio. More details and a specific schedule here.

I know what you’ve been thinking: “Man, would I ever like a Neighborhood Fat Bike Day.” Buddy, we’ve got something way better than that. I’m talking Global Fat Bike Day, and it happens this Saturday, December 3. Why don’t you bring that fat bike out to Yankee Springs for a ride at 11:00 with some like-minded people? We’ll be there, so you’re sure to know somebody. Refreshments after, natch.

Speaking of fat bikes and riding fat bikes and fun fun fun till your daddy took the fat bike away, our main man J’Son will host a weekly ride through Al Sabo (or wherever else whim might lead) each Wednesday evening starting December 7th . We’ll meet up at Texas Drive Park at 6:00, ride some amount of time, then (most likely) retire to a nearby watering hole to warm up and tell tall tales. All are welcome!

And for the fat bike trifecta, how about a fat bike race in Ft. Custer on December 17th! Maybe it’ll snow by then and maybe it won’t. Regardless, except for that one crash, I’ve had a great time at this race the past two years. You can learn more and sign up here.

I recently had the good fortune to chat with the organizers of Melting Mann, and I just started yammering on about how much I love the race. It’s local. It’s mellow (you know, for bike racing). It’s good fun for darn near anybody. “Heck,” I finally blurted, “All you need is a bike, a down jacket and a little bit of grit.” So there you go. Fun times in Cass County in the early spring. Put it on the calendar.

Is anyone surprised that “Breaking Away” is our survey’s most popular movie to watch on the trainer? Second place was “The Godfather.” Third place was a tie between a whole bunch of movies with one vote each. Interesting selections included “The Sound of Music” and “A League of their Own.” Some people demand less adrenaline inducement from their movies than me.

Let’s hear it for Kalamazoo and Portage for enacting laws requiring motorists to give cyclists five feet of room when passing. Distracted driving is a terrible, pernicious problem, and it’s nice to see leaders in our local communities drafting legislation to keep their citizenry safe. Bravo!

I find it a little bit difficult to believe that it’s just about time to ring in a new year. 2016 was pretty darn great and full of accomplishment. Jim rode across America. Ryan had a son *and* grew an impressive, if temporary, moustache. Gabe and Matt Adkins quietly had a rather incredible bike-packing adventure. J’Son set Iceman on fire with his speedy time. Jess taught me a lot about mountain biking technique. Those are just some snippets that popped into my head, but it was a good year. What does 2017 bring? Big plans and, hopefully, good execution.

I can’t say this enough: we’re local. You’re our people, and we’re lucky to have you. Thank you for your business, your trust, your friendship, your advice. We wish you glad tidings in this joyous season and look forward to a wonderful 2017 together.