Weirdos at Winchell

As we keep yelling, the 2011 Cyclocross season is almost here. To prepare for this, we here at Pedal have organized a weekly event to practice barrier jumping, running up hills, riding through sand and much, much more. 

Last night was our second practice. We set up some barriers made of PVC pipe in the field of Winchell elementary and went to town.  We played such games as Get On Your Bike, Get Off Your Bike, Carry Your Bike and Run Up the Hill, Jump Over the Barriers, Ride Through the Sand Pit, and Ride in Increasingly Tighter Circles Until You Fall Down (there was no clear winner of this one).

There were a few losers, though

We had an absolute blast relearning everything from last year, and be you a newb or a Cyclocross veteran, we’d love for you to join us next week Tuesday as we continue our sweaty journey to the top of the Cyclocross heap.

Look how much fun we're having!