Trainer Movies

I confess: in this time-compressed world we inhabit, I’ve been forced onto the trainer before I would have liked. However, the combination of a fan, an Apple TV and a Netflix account have made the experience not as bad as it could be. A few of the movies I’ve recently viewed from the saddle include:


I loved this. Fast-paced. Lots of action. Pretty good plot. If you were really picky maybe you could guess some things, but since you’re watching it on your trainer and you don’t have a ton of oxygen in your brain, you’ll be fine. Seriously: I liked this a lot.

The Boondock Saints

Netflix told me that I should watch this. I wasn’t sure how this one was going to go, but it was great. Sufficient action to make it trainer-worthy tied to a good, thought-provoking story. Added bonus: Willem Dafoe is terrific. This baby is rated R, and maybe the R should be in bold if only for the carpet f-bombing.

The Avengers

Perhaps you’ve heard of this art house flick. Enjoyed it in the theatre; enjoyed it on the trainer. Nothing new to add.

Stay tuned. I suspect trainer season is just beginning.