Tom Petty Was Right

Many, many people come in the shop to look around and check things out. Several of those people (you people?) are kind enough to wish us well and ask how things are going.


Despite the crummy weather, things are going better than expected, so we’re a tad overwhelmed right now. This post will communicate a few items related to this issue.


The first is that if you’ve come to the shop and had to wait for attention, I apologize. As a busy guy who doesn’t like to wait, I am completely sympathetic and have plans to solve this issue (more later). At the same time, I loath the idea of not giving any customer all the time she needs. In summary, I’m sorry if you have to wait, but promise that you’ll receive quality service once the wait is over.


The next bit is probably obvious: Pedal is looking for help. Our perfect candidate would be an accomplished wrench with incredible interpersonal skills, a cool stable of bikes and an eagerness to discuss both “Infinite Jest” and “The Big Lebowski” at length. Think you can help our clients find the spin within? Come talk to me.