Tips for the Pedal Applicant

Our goal here at Pedal is better. Better service. Better value. Better advice. Better everything! We’re not perfect, but we’re trying, trying to be better.

The foundation of Pedal’s business model is our interaction with people — customers, potential customers, even people who are unlikely to be customers but might need our assistance with something (like directions). With all of these people, we need to be approachable, friendly, knowledgable and professional. And enthusiastic.

When you interact with the staff at Pedal, we’re trying to figure out how you might interact with people in general and our customers in particular. Are you approachable, friendly, knowledgable and professional? Are you enthusiastic? Do you like bicycles and bicycling? Show it.

Should you correspond with Pedal through the written word, write well. Use complete sentences and proper punctuation. We assemble bicycles that people — our friends — ride very quickly down steep hills. Those bicycles must work perfectly, and attention to detail is required in their assembly. Good English shows me a couple of things. One, that you give a shit. Two, that you have some attention to detail. These are excellent traits. Do not correspond in text speak.

We are always on the lookout for someone who can make us better. Not someone who can maybe do the job, but someone who lifts us up or adds something to the mix. Are you that person? I hope so, and I hope you can make the impression on us that we want you to make on our customers.

Still interested? Here’s our application in pdf format. Pedal Employment Application