The Urban Assault Vehicle

To date we’ve spent a few words writing about fancy bikes, bikes that cost a pretty good chunk of change and are generally purpose-built for racing and/or going pretty fast. But we like other bikes, too.

One of our favorites is the Jamis Coda. It’s a really cool bike — steel frame, good paint scheme, nice lines, comfortable riding position and a ton of versatility. Stock tires are nice, wide road tires, but the frame and fork have enough clearance for much wider and aggressive options. In fact, we’ve replaced the stock tires with cyclocross tires on nearly half the Codas we’ve sold. The bike also accommodates fenders and racks, if commuting or loaded travel are important considerations.

One of the first Codas to leave Pedal went to Kevin, a young guy who wanted to go everywhere on his bike. Kevin came by the shop a couple of weeks ago and let me take a couple of pictures of his bike in full Urban Assault regalia.

Coda with cyclocross tires and extra stickers

Neat bike. Good for paved or dirt roads, in the city or country.