Staff Favorites

With no real idea what I’d do with the data, I recently asked everyone at Pedal to share their favorite thing in the shop. Now that I have it, why not share?

Amber likes Michigan and bicycles, and her favorite thing is the Michigan Rides T Shirt.

Bailey Mosher, a high school swimming who’s always hungry, likes the Honey Stinger waffles.

Charlie Eaton likes his new shoes.

Dave Hauschild like the Specialized Diverge and thinks he might like the Trek 720 if one were to arrive in the shop.

David Bernard likes the new flannel shirts, as does Matt Jensen.

Emily Renton is wild about her bike shorts and the Pedal baseball caps.

Gabe Lagina is a sucker for wool socks.

Gevin Molloy likes the Flare R and Ion 700 lights.

Young Jack Sosville has exquisite taste and is intrigued by the Stache.

Jason (J’son) Lechner likes fat and plus bikes. He rides little lightweight stuff, but he likes the big iron.

Jason Rutgers likes the fact that the WeeHoo iGo allows his family to bike together.

Jess likes her coworkers, which is very nice. For the record, Jess’s coworkers are not for sale. Not officially.

Jim Kindle, who owns a titanium Kona Rove, thinks the Rove AL is a beautiful, relatively inexpensive bike.

Jonah Koski, a young man of simple yet sublime taste, likes the coffee maker and Olive the dog.

In addition to the flannel shirts, Matt Jensen likes the Kona Rove in steel.

Richard Neumann is very fond of lights this time of year, both the blinky things on the back and the bright things on the front of your bike. He’s fond of riding trails backward at night and getting home safely.

Rick Stubbs likes to point out area trails and sights on the big map on the wall.

Ryan is FIRED UP about the new jackets.

Since the Trifecta Tour I’d been thinking that all of my sunglasses were too dark for the woods, so I splurged and got a pair of Oakleys with Prism Trail lenses. They’re fantastic, incredible definition without the kertwang of a lens that lets in too much light. I’m very impressed. I would also recommend that everyone try a Stache. Mine makes my face hurt from smiling.