Riding at night

September’s Bicyclical


I’m sending this out a little bit early to remind everyone that we’ll be closed next Tuesday and again on Labor Day.Just to recap:

  • Tuesday, August 31: We’re closed for Employee Appreciation Day.
  • Monday, September 6: We’re closed for Labor Day. Enjoy!

In The Shops

Clothing is on sale! 25% off all in-stock clothing. There’s great stuff in both shops. Check it out!

I purchased a Garmin Varia for my brother’s birthday this summer, and he recently sent me an email telling me how much he loves it. What’s a Varia? It’s a radar that alerts you to traffic coming up from behind. Varia is available as a radar unit, or the considerably more popular radar combined with a very nice taillight. We’ve sold a lot of these, and I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t love it. Fine print: Varia works with a GPS computer like a Garmin Edge or Wahoo Elemnt. It’s not a standalone thing. Just so you know.

Don’t tell anyone, but the days are getting shorter. We have lights that make you visible, and we have lights that help you see what’s happening in front of you. Yes, indeed. We have very nice equipment in stock

Our service departments have been humming along all summer, and it’s the time of year in which the vast majority of repair work is in the rearview mirror. If you’ve been putting off bike service, now is a good time to bring it in. We’re not booked out far in the future — plus we’re always happy to make an appointment for your service if that’s more conveninent. Just call the shop of your choice.

Things For You + Bike

During September the League of Michigan Bicyclists has a commuter challenge to support legislation to end distracted driving. Details are here, and it looks pretty darn great. September is a great month to give commuting a try.

The Amazing Charlotte will coach one last Mountain Bike Basic Skills course this year on September 26th from 11-2 at Fort Custer. Space is limited, but available. You can sign up by calling the Romence Store at 269-324-5555.

The Vineyard Classic is happening on September 12th. Many routes and mileage options abound. Let’s get out there and smell the grapes!

Chill ride! On September 15th, we’ll leave the Romence store a little after 7:00 and ride to Presidential Brewing for an evening snack, then return. The ride will be party pace on a mix of bike paths and public roads. It’s getting dark! Lights are STRONGLY encouraged. All are welcome. Added bonus: karaoke night.

Bike Friendly Kalamazoo has the Fall Bike Celebration firing up September 17th this year. Many, many things are on the agenda for the weekend, and I prompt you to check it out. Three things worth highlighting are the multi-charity bikeathon on Saturday, the benefit concernt Saturday evening and the tour on Sunday.

Many gravel races would like your attention:

Looking down the road a little bit we see Custer’s Last Stand mountain bike time trial on October 23rd. This is the fourth year for the race, and they’re working hard to have a good race and raise money to fight human trafficking. Good stuff. Check it out.

I’m probably gonna repeat this every month for a while to come. If you want a bike, we’d love to help you attain it, but it will likely take some time. Let’s plan ahead and get you on the bike you want as quickly as possible.

Weekly Pedal Rides

Mondays: Mountain Bike Monday starts at 6pm
Check out our calendar for updates

Tuesdays: Women’s Ride at 6:15pm
This ride departs from the Celery Flats/Bicentennial Trail parking lot off Garden Lane. Updates can be found on the social media or our calendar.

Wednesdays: Ladies Mountain Bike Ride starts at 6:15
Check out our calendar for updates.

Thursdays: Downtown shop road ride starts at 6:15Plenty of ride groups for everyone. Join us!

Please note!KBC ride times change in September. What was once 6:15 is now 5:45. Pedal rides don’t change because, well, our shop hours don’t change.

The Ramble

I tend to identify more with Lake Michigan, but Lord Huron is a cool name, and this is a good song. So is this one.

We’ve done a couple of social rides this summer in which we ended up riding home after dark. The picture at the top of this email was taken during one of ’em. Riding in a tunnel of light is super fun, and I’d encourage you to give it a try.

To quote Paul Simon, I don’t expect to sleep through the night. Lately I’ve found myself on the back patio with the dog at three in the morning, listening to the bugs, the low noise from the interstate, maybe the weird barking of a fox. To me, it’s the sound of the high heat of summer.

There’s a lot of wonderful riding weather left.

Thank you for the great summer. It’s been our pleasure.