Racing Racing Racing

We like bikes. We like talking about monocoque carbon fiber frames, 2×10 drivetrains, light wheels… all that stuff. We also like riding bikes. Sometimes we like to ride bikes as fast as we can. Sometimes we can’t help but appreciate folks who can ride faster than us. Lots and lots faster.

So, yeah. We got a big ole TV and a subscription to We’re watching Le Tour in the morning and probably again in the afternoon. I’ll admit that it hasn’t been the biggest boost to productivity ever, but it is a lot of fun.

This Sunday is the Priority Health Race for Wishes, a road race benefitting the Make a Wish Foundation of Michigan, held in Lawton. It goes on all day, and should be a good spectator event. Maybe you might want to ride out to Lawton and take a look. Maybe you’ve never been to the Old Hat and might want to see what that’s all about. Maybe Lawton is the place to be on Sunday.

Is it too hot to talk about cyclocross? Of course not. Pedal, in conjunction with the Trikats, KissCross and the Kalamazoo County Parks, will host a cyclocross race in Kalamazoo on October 2nd. Much more will be written about this as time goes on, but you might wanna save the date now. Right now!

It’s easy to get dehydrated and hurt yourself in this steamy weather, so please remember to drink enough water.