We love Jamis, a family-owned company that’s been around for over thirty years. Founded in Florida in 1979, Ron Jamis first built beach cruisers, then mountain bikes, then road bikes. In 1981, Carine Joannou took over G. Joannou Cycles, a bicycle import and distribution company. The paths crossed in 1990 when G. Joannou Cycles purchased Jamis and relocated the headquarters to New Jersey.

Jamis does not strive to be the biggest bike company. Instead, Jamis aspires to make really great bikes for all types of folks – bikes for elite riders and racers, bikes for people just looking to exercise their bodies a little bit. You might not have heard of Jamis, but the bikes are great. Some of our favorites include:


The Coda Sport: A sporty steel frame and fork combined with a flat handlebar, 700c wheels and a crisp Shimano drivetrain make this our best selling bike. It’s very affordable, fun to ride and great for all kinds of things: commuting, fitness and, most importantly, fun.


Dragons: Wether you select the Dragon Sport or Dragon Race, 29″ wheels or 650B, the Dragon will not disappoint. Classic steel looks, impeccable handling and great value combine to make this bike one of our most highly-praised offerings. Willing to try something other than aluminum or carbon? Try a Dragon.



Xenith series: There are two types of Pedal employees: those that own a Xenith and those that are on their way to owning one. Jordan and Brittany have Xenith Comps. Ryan has a Race. Tim has an Elite. Without fail, one of these folks will come into work from time to time and say, “I love this bike.” Monocoque construction, stage race geometry, great handling, stiff in the drivetrain, but plush on the crappy Michigan roads.


The number one bike brand in Europe is the same Scott that started building aluminum ski poles in Ketchum, Idaho in the late fifties and that produced Greg LeMond’s aero bar for the 1989 Tour de France. Much has happened since then, and the company is now Swiss with a European flair and a dedication to innovation — from the IMP carbon process to the Twinloc lever to the F01 aerodynamic exercise that yielded the Foil. Scott pushes the boundaries of what a bicycle can be. We love:


The Scale The 2012 and 2013 world championship-winning Scale now features both 29″ and 27.5″ wheels with either a carbon or an aluminum frame. Going racing? Grab a Scale.


The Addict After a brief hiatus the Addict is back for 2014. Oh so light. Oh so beautiful.


The Foil represents the perfect balance of light weight, aerodynamic and stiffness, resulting in the most advanced racing bike available.


The Solace: Designed to be comfortable without sacrificing stiffness, Scott engineers designed the bike around two “zones” to independently handle those characteristics. With the Comfort Zone and the Power Zone the Solace blends a luxurious ride with high performance. Bring on the chip seal.


Handmade just outside of Montreal, Guru combines technical excellence with old world craftsmanship. For many years, Guru built only bespoke bikes – bikes built with a specific individual in mind. Guru has recently started building bikes to stock sizes, which makes the bikes more affordable for the vast majority of us who don’t necessarily have to have a custom frame. Triathlon, road or cyclocross, understated or flashy, Guru can build you a bike that fits perfectly and looks exactly as you wish. Tri bikes are carbon. Road bikes are steel, titanium or carbon. Cyclocross bikes are steel or titanium.

Guru CR.301 bicycle

Guru CR.301

Guru Photon Bicycle

Guru Photon

Guru Flite Bicycle

Guru Flite


Kona was founded in 1988 in Ferndale, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. Named after the founders’ love of Kailua-Kona in Hawaii, Kona has forged a sterling reputation, particularly in mountain and cyclocross bikes. Kona still has the same owners and continues to make bikes for people who love ’em.


Jake the Snake continues to represent a fantastic race-ready cyclocross value, now in green and with disk brakes. Jake the Snake has it all: Good looks. Predictable handling. Sweet components. All with the reliable stopping power of disk brakes.


The Kahuna is a very solid 29er with a 10-speed drivetrain, solid aluminum frame and saucy components. The Kahuna also displays why Kona continues to thrive in the mountain bike market against much larger competitors: predictable handling — not too quick, not sluggish. Right where you want it.


The Rove Lately people have been talking all this Gravel Road Bike or Gravel Grinder or Road Bikes that Take Big Tires. Meet the Rove. Steel. Comfortable. Fun. Move star. Few are the people who ride the Rove and are able to resist its charms.