More Stuff, More Detail

First, a bit more data and detail about the talk we’ve (loosely) organized with Chris Gottwald. Chris’s talk will be held in conjunction with a Trikat meeting on Tuesday, May 24th at the lovely CityScape Center in downtown Kalamazoo. Pedal and the Trikats extend an invitation to anyone who might want to attend. Chis does amazing things — things that make we mortals just shake our heads — and does them with modesty and joy. He has terrific stories to tell and a tremendous adventure ahead.

It’s taken a few months to get a few things in the shop that I’ve wanted for some time. Most of these things aren’t exotic gizmos or fancy bikes, but they are things that I like. Such as…

Feedback Sports stands. I’ve had a Feedback Pro-Elite stand for a long time and have always been impressed with the quality. It’s light, yet strong enough to hold my tandem. Good stuff. If you’re thinking about working on your bikes at home, a good stand is a terrific asset, and Feedback are as good as they get.

Darn Tough Socks have a great story. A Vermont sock mill that did work for Thorlo and other brands found itself in trouble as its client companies sent more and more of their business overseas. After much thought, they decided to reinvent themselves with a new brand of sock, Darn Tough. If you’re into the comfort of a nice marino wool sock, Darn Tough is worth a look. Or a wearing. Or whatever.

I had specific requirements when I went searching for a cycling shoe brand. I wanted something cool, but I wanted a good value. Many are the people who (perhaps rightfully) go into shock when you start discussing the price of a pair of cycling shoes, and I figure I’d like less shock in the store. Northwave is the glass slipper to my Cinderella foot. They’re Italian and cool. They don’t cost an arm and a leg. The fit is very good. They’re worth a look.

We’ve been riding bikes after work on Thursdays. We haven’t made a big deal out of it because the weather has mostly sucked this year. Even so, we’ve ridden and will continue to do so. We’ll do 20-25 miles. It’s always no drop. We’ll try to leave promptly at 6:15. We’ve had a great time so far this year, and I see no reason why the trend won’t continue. Join us!