Marquette Trip, Day 2 – Being Here

I’m a guy who usually gets up with or before the sun, which had a great coming out party this morning. I walked around looking for a cup of coffee to get me going and saw this thing:


And I walked around a bit more and saw it again.

thing2After a wonderful breakfast and a caffeinated beverage, I got back to my home away from home and did some serious research, indicative of the five years I spent in higher learning institutions.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.34.40 AM

An ore dock. Incredible. Makes me think that everything I know will be obsolete soon.

So let’s go mountain biking!


Have you ever seen more helpful signage in your life?

blurrrrrA blurry picture of a bicycle. Proof that:

  1. this picture was legitimately taken by me
  2. technology cannot cure everything

One is also supposed to notice that the foliage is a very lovely color.

Here’s a feature that did not feature in today’s riding. I looked at it and thought, “I guess I am curious to see what 51 looks like.” Deep in my stupid heart, I think I can do it. I also think my wife would be very very very upset with me and understandably suspicious of my judgement in general if it didn’t work out.




That’s my thumb on the lower right. Most people don’t get caught doing that any more, but I do. Lovely colors. Significant elevation. I’d been riding for about three hours when I took this, and was exceedingly grateful for a break in the action.

Did I mention the heat? Cuz it was a bit on the toasty side. 86F. October 11th. In Marquette, Michigan. Crazy days, indeed.

heatTomorrow a friend joins the party.