What a premium day we had yesterday during the cyclocross race at Markin Glen. Thanks to all who raced, watched and helped. What a happy time.

Our race would not have been possible without the support of the Kalamazoo County Parks. In particular, David Rachowicz is a major advocate of our race and helps us in any number of ways.

KissCross does a great job and has been quite generous by allowing us to host a race so far from its core market.

The Trikats, as always, provided fun, friendly volunteers. I love the Trikats and love working with them.

Chad VanDerwall and his fellow WMU Exercise Science students were instrumental in setting up the course Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Several friends of mine and of the shop (lots of overlap there) would be embarrassed if I called them out by name. I won’t, but I thank them all the same.

If you liked it, more cyclocross fun can still be had this year. Please look at the RunUp and KissCross schedules.