Maybe you’ve heard; maybe you haven’t. Pedal purchased Breakaway Kalamazoo on Romence Road in Portage earlier this year.

When we started Pedal, Breakaway Kalamazoo was our benchmark. We wanted to be as professional as “those guys.” We wanted to be as successful as “those guys.” Breakaway Kalamazoo set the bar that Pedal tried to clear.

Long has it been Pedal’s thought that the people of Kalamazoo County could not be adequately served from a single location. For some folks, Downtown Kalamazoo is very convenient. For others, Downtown Kalamazoo is not convenient at all. As a result, we’d always though that we’d open a storefront in Portage… some day.

And the next thing you know, Pedal bought Breakaway Kalamazoo. The point of this page and the graphic above is to share that Pedal loves Breakaway. We are honored and motivated to serve Breakaway’s customers. We are so happy that Breakaway’s employees are now Pedal employees. These are very exciting times, indeed, and we hope that you’ll be pleased with the results of our efforts to combine the best of Pedal with the best of Breakaway.