Ain’t it Grand?

Late breaking news:  Pedal will have a Grand Opening next Saturday. This has been on the shop calendar for about six weeks, but we’ve never really gotten around to promoting it… until now. If you have a chance, please come by and say hello. We’ll have a band (!) and some food. We’ll give away some stuff. Other stuff will be on sale. At least one of our product reps might show up (does that give ’em enough wiggle room?) to talk about their stuff. It should be fun. We’d love to see you.

Even more shocking than this inadvertently-secret grand opening is the fact that Pedal received email from reader regarding this very blog. “Why,” wondered the reader, “can’t I comment on your posts? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” Excellent question. Three things have a great deal to do with the fact that I don’t allow comments on the blog. One is that I personally am not an internet commenter. Second is that only rarely do I think anyone’s blog posting is enhanced by a comment. Third is that I once had comments turned on, and received many unsolicited suggestions of pills that I might like to ingest or sites featuring racy photos that I might wish to visit. However, if you think the blog would be a more enjoyable thing if it had comments, please let me know using the Contact page or just shoot me an email. I’m willing to give it another shot.

Back on topic:  Grand Opening.  March 16th. 10-5. 611 W. Michigan Avenue. Fun.