At Pedal, we stand for three things: Service, Competence and Enthusiasm. In other words, we’d like to solve your cycling-related problem with a high degree of expertise while treating you nicely.

Pedal sells Road, Mountain, Commuter, Hybrid, Triathlon and Kids bikes. Pedal sells bike parts, accessories and clothing. Pedal expertly repairs bikes. In these ways, Pedal is a lot like a lot of bike shops. However, we think our service sets us apart. We’ll help you find just the right bike for what you want to do, in the right size for your physical form and, hopefully, within the budget you have in mind.

We love to ride bikes, but we’re not bike snobs.

In the Shop at Pedal BicyclesNeed a repair? We would love to help with that. We’ll do a terrific job. We’ll get it done in a timely fashion.

Excited about trying a triathlon this summer and need a bike? We can help. We’ve been there and done that. We’re wild about multisport.

Are you a runner looking for something with a bit less impact? We’ve felt your pain and can get you pointed in the right direction.

Looking for a thing? We’ll help you with that.

Thinking about technology? GPS? Power? ANT+? We’re nerdly. We can help.

Bike fit? We’re your shop. We have the tools, training and experience.

In all of these areas, we’re wild about cycling, and would love to share our excitement and knowledge with you.